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Fit Girl



3 Months $289.99

1 Year Unlimited $599.99

2 Years Unlimited $700

5 Years Unlimited $1000
Offered every 5 years and only 10 Available

Our membership special are all the motivation

you need to kick off your fitness journey with a bang!

Centered on the idea that how you do anything is how you do everything, let's kickstart your healthy lifestyle commitments with a focus on fitness, nutrition, and the small mundane

things that are often overlooked.  Our coaches and community are here to support you.  We will do everything we have to in order to keep you motivated and on the path to learning to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Ready to be the strongest fittest you yet?

Here's what you can expect

  • ​ACCESS to our facility and all of our classes that are lead by our Experienced & educated trainers.  6 days per week so you can easily fit the workouts into your busy schedule ​

  •  NUTRTION PLANS available. Lifestyle based and results producing! Recipes, how to's and years of experience getting great results. (additional charges apply)

  • ​Amazing Support Group: Support from our fitness coaches and other participants. This is our "safe place" for you to ask questions, meet others + gain community.

  •  Gym Access: Unlimited access to CrossFit Classes, Boxing Classes and unlimited access to our open gym time to get in some extra work.  ​​

We are a private and exclusive fitness center catering to the health conscious crowd. We run  multiple programs and get real people, real results! All our trainers are certified, educated, experienced and extremely good at their jobs

(we are in the results business).

With one of the most experienced  and largest training teams in all of Niagara,  CrossFit 905 is one of the industry leaders in the Area.

Each of our trainers has multiple certifications,  and has been through our very own intensive on boarding curriculum to ensure you get the best experience and the best results possible.

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