CrossFit 905 Membership policies

  • Facebook Group: we have a member group on Facebook. To join, add a coach on Facebook and request they add you. This group is not for solicitation.

  • Personal Items: In the training area at CrossFit 905 we have white shelves where you may temporarily store your items while you train with us. Please bring your items with you when you leave the gym. CRossFit 905 is not responsible for any items left at the gym.

  • Scent-Free Space: we have a scent-free policy. Many people are sensitive to perfumes, colognes, aftershaves and other scented products. For the comfort of all our members, we ask that you refrain from wearing scented products when you come and train at the gym.

  • Class Sign-In: Sign-in using the iPad on the front desk or at the monitor before your class.

  • Cancel reservations appropriately to accommodate others who may want to attend in your place, and to respect changes to policy on class sign ups.

  • Open Gym: Only available as stated on our class schedule. Open gym can be used for individual training. A trainer will be present at open gym times, however this is not a coach led class time.

  • Kids: kids are welcome at the gym, however, they must stay in the lounge while classes are on. If they are playing or eating in the lounge, you are responsible for cleaning up after them (snacks, toys, etc.)

  • Dog Etiquette: We love dogs. However dogs are not permitted at the gym. They will be unattended during class times and therefore cannot guarantee the safety of other members

  • Payments: we require a credit card or some form of automatic payment on file for all memberships. Memberships are billed on the 1st day of every month on a recurring basis. Memberships starting after the 1st day of the month will be pro-rated for the remainder of the month and the next charge will be applied as stated above.

  • Membership Holds: we can place a hold on your membership if you are going to be away for more than 7 days. To have a hold placed on your account email and specify the dates you will be away (we will only take hold requests by email). This email must be sent at least 5 days before the date of the hold. Holds may only be placed on accounts for up to 1 weeks. One hold will be allowed per 12 month period, and only after one full month billing cylcle.

  • Membership Cancellations: We require 7-days notice for all membership cancellations. This applies only to monthly recurring memberships. There are no refunds on packages, promotions or punchcard purchases.

  • Class Packs: are valid for 1 year from the sign-up date.

  • Discounts: we offer a discount to multiple memberships per household. Must be on the same payment account.

  • Solicitation: we have a no solicitation policy at CrossFit 905.

  • Class Cancelations: Class must be canceled 40 minutes prior to start time to allow waitlist members to fill the spot.   Failure to cancel your class reservation will result in a cancellation fee of $15 and will be applied to the payment method on file. 

​       Private Training

  • Cancellations: we require 24 hours notice for all cancellations. If less than 24 hours notice is given the session will be billed.

  • Late Policy: if you are more than 15 minutes late, the session will be considered cancelled and you will be billed.