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July 4th - August 26th

High performance
Athlete training camp

At CrossFit 905, our primary goal is to build a high performing athlete through exercise and proper nutrition. With a focus on ages 13-18, we provide group training sessions that are designed to improve overall strength and conditioning, as well as target ways to stay ahead of the competition. All this is achieved through a, dryland program created by our professional staff who customize a plan to meet each athlete's unique needs.

Our gym equipment enhance athletic development and will help athletes reach their full potential. CrossFit 905 trainers understand how to maximize development. They focus on each individual's specific need and empower them on their fitness journey by customizing workout plans, offer helpful instructions, and stressing proper form to ensure each athlete is cared for.

Our facility prioritizes progress, builds relationships, and understands Athlete Training. 

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Our High Performance Athlete Training Camp runs from

July 3rd to August 31th with Sessions on

Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday

First group 8am

Second group 11am

Third Group 1pm

Only 10 Players per group

Registration Fee: $425 plus tax

Are you ready for next level training?

Please note

You are registering for a specific time slot.

Athletes will train at the same time for the duration of the program.

We have caps on class sizes and therefore will not be offering partial program fees. 

It is up to the individual to make as many sessions as possible.

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