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Adriano Porco

Adriano Porco

Owner/ Coach CrossFit 905

I am a dedicated and knowledgeable, level one certified CrossFit coach who brings my clients 30 years of passion for sports and fitness. I am an avid player of hockey, golf and tennis and I also enjoy cycling, curling and weightlifting. Having gone through a body and life transformation a few years ago, my personal experience allows me to help keep my clients motivated and focused. I have most recently completed the CrossFit weightlifting certificate coarse.

I maintain a keen mind for discipline and detail, as well as an unwavering drive to have all my athletes constantly improving and eventually achieving all of their CrossFit goals! I am committed to constantly improving my own knowledge in health and fitness and sharing that with my clients.

Lorrie Romanelli

Lorrie Romanelli

Owner/Coach CrossFit 905

My passion for CrossFit started from the first time I picked up the bar. Olympic lifts, PBs, WODs, Girls, Heroes; tracking my progress and seeing results in a competition against myself had me hooked. I’ve always been active, but nothing had me motivated like CrossFit, so in February 2013 I obtained my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification and discovered how rewarding and motivating coaching can be. In 2016 I became a CanFit Pro Certified Personal Trainer and CrossFit L2 Trainer. 2017 will mark my 5th CrossFit Open competition and I can't wait! My experiences participating in the CrossFit Games Opens year after year have made me realize that I have a wide range of capabilities and I've only been inspired to work harder towards achieving my fitness goals. My most important goal though is to be a role model of physical activity and health for my kids.

I love the CrossFit905 community. We have all worked worked hard to make our box a second home for our coaches and our members; a place where people can come not only to work out, but more importantly to have fun.

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson

Coach CrossFit 905


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