CrossFit 905 Classes

By definition…Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, performed at High Intensity.

What does that mean to you? The workouts are different every day, so you don’t get bored. There are no machines. Everything we do is based on functional movements. You get better at the things you do every day, no matter what you do for a living. It’s intense, but it’s intense at your level of fitness. Programming is scaled to the individual, and you take your breaks when you need to…not because it’s prescribed.

A typical Class starts with a group warm-up, followed by some instructional lifting. We go through some pre WOD (workout of the day) instruction. Then, 3,2,1 GO!!! You start the WOD together, do the work as an individual…on most days, and finish as a team. From beginner to elite-level athlete, we all share in the accomplishment of completing the WOD.


The basics of CrossFit. Six sessions, at your pace, to learn the movements/lifts that will give you the confidence to get through a regular CrossFit Class.


It’s’ just that…OPEN! Come in and work on those troublesome movements, or catch up on a WOD you’ve missed. It’s your choice. One of our coaches will be there to assist with your form, or get you through that tough spot in the WOD.

 CrossFit Striking

A NON-Contact class that focuses on proper technique, by using shadow boxing, focus mitts, Thai pads, kick shields and heavy bags! These techniques are complimented with various CrossFit movements and programmed in a similar style. Class members will be able to increase their athletic performance and add variety to their CrossFit programming! CrossFit Striking is NOT A FIGHT CLASS, but a conditioning class that will compliment any athlete’s current skill set!

Benefits to CrossFit Striking:

  1. achieve a fighter’s fitness level
  2. increase your core strength, rotational speed and power
  3. develop a sport-specific movement
  4. learn a real self-protection skill-set

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